Types of Bad Poker Players

Many poker players play for fun. They're not really into it for the profits, although when those come they're pretty much welcome, too. But many of them are gratified by simply being there. But most times, poker for fun is what gets many bad poker players at a table. They're there to make fun, and hustlers are out to get them.

Players playing for fun react in various ways. Some simply quit after losing some. Some look for other simpler games to play. But some losers do not want to quit. Of this type we have two other sub-types: losers serious at improving skills, and losers who just want more luck on their side. The good news is that there are a lot of players playing for fun just to try out their luck. These are the players we want at our table. They're in casino and online poker sites, waiting to bite our baits.

Profitable poker is simply learning to identify bad poker players and know where they are and then play with them. Sometimes we play with poker sharks, to sharpen our skills. But if we want profits we look for tables where poker fish stay—schools of them. We look for those who seek fun in poker—all of them: those who want to try their luck a little and then give up, and those who play long enough until luck seems to favor them at last. But we stay away from sharks.

Most small online poker rooms are rich in fun-seeking players. Most are first-timers, but a number of them are also long-time players who have been seeking all places to find the place where luck dwells. They roam around online poker sites, playing with little poker wisdom, yet trying to make a fortune so they bet with considerable amounts. Once we spot them, it will do our bankroll a lot to get them to play long with us. With a software program like PokerTracker which does our game-hunting for us, we may have the quantum leap of profits we have been dreaming of in our poker career.

Also, with online poker tools like buddy lists, we can easily track these players down. If we watch how online bad poker players play and remember their names, it would be easy to go in and out of poker rooms to spot this crowd and play with them.

Remember to look for fun-loving poker players who want to try their luck out—at land-based tables or online.