Telling Bad Poker Players' Bluffs

Even bad poker players will try to bluff their way to the pot, especially when they have seen more than enough poker tournaments on TV. Here's how we should meet bad poker players' bluff attempts.

Most times bad players are too obvious when they bluff. This is especially so when we know the kind of play that they make in poker games. They don't change play style of strategy and yet they would attempt at bluffing. They richly supply opponents with their poker tells, like say, being obvious with an unsuited 2-7, and still raise bets.

Being poor players, they're likely to be poor bluffers and often get caught doing so. The funny thing is they get back right to it immediately after getting caught. Their main play tactic is to often raise and bluff. Hence, no matter if other players catch them and punish them for bluffing, they go on with the technique. At times it's doubtful if they're even aware that they have been caught bluffing.

Weak players are apt to bluff on the flop, especially when it reveals bad cards for them. When a flop comes up with an ace, and somebody has a pair of ace, that player is apt to play them to the end. Bad players ought not to be bluffing with ace hands, or with any hand that could end up being a poker straight; like QQ, JJ, or 88. Bad payers cannot just bluff their way past through these hands, especially when their hands are weak.

A special danger with weak players bluffing is when they do so even with so many players at the table. Poker losers with a penchant for bluffing may be a bit successful with few players around. But with many players, there's likely one who holds a strong hand and will play it to the end.

Last, it's a lot worse when bad players try to bluff each other to the pot. Most of them do not really appreciate the beauty of a correctly timed bluff. They'll just use the thing any way they want, any time. Hence, it's also no use bluffing bad players frequently. Most times, they do not know what strong hands can do to them—so why even pretend?

Thus, one way of beating bad poker players is to wait for them to bluff. We'll easily catch them doing so. By then we'd know what they have and what they're thinking of.