Poker Math in Beating Bad Poker Players

Sometimes bad poker players get less attention in a game than they deserve. Some experts say bad players sometimes actually come up with better hands than most well-studied hands from good players. Thus, we need to have precautionary strategies against bad players beating or messing up our hand.

With this unique poker situation, we need to play more possible hands. Ordinarily, of course, we know better than to play many hands in poker. But here, we don't want to be beat by bad players. So we revise our strategy a little—after all, we're up against uncommon poker players. The more high cards we play in this situation, the better. We also need to cut down on the use of drawing hands. Here is an example of how we should play:

If we have a king and a jack and we're up against something like K10, QJ, and a J10, our KJ hand is bound to win some 72 percent. If we decide to fight it out with really good quality hands we have lesser winning odds. Bad players are know to prefer any two cards that promise a straight. They are also fond of playing any king and small cards that are suited. These hand types are more apt to be dominant later in the game. KJ hands are at a disadvantage in this case because even bad players will see the good in raising pre-flop using an AK or big pocket pairs. Hence, we ought to play easy in such cases.

Also, bad players are known to play anything coupled with aces. Thus, when an ace shows up on the flop, we must stay out of the hand. Anyway, just be careful with AJ and KQ. With a powerful position in the game, we can take risks against them. Now, say we call with an unsuited KJ and another player calls using an unsuited A9. This is followed by a call using an unsuited J10. The button decides to raise using a pair of QQ. The big blind decides to call using A6, and the rest of the gang also calls.

If a jack emerges, we're still weak. With an ace we're almost beat. There's no hope for a straight now, and our hand is unsuited. Yet, with our good play and weak player's carelessness, our big cards can still win more than 20 percent into the flop.

Hence, among the best weapons against bad poker players and the sort of plays they bring are two big cards.