Increased Odds with Bad Poker Players

Is it possible for bad players to beat good ones? Possibly. That's why in some tournaments we may choose to play against better players.

But obviously good players would beat the bad players ultimately. But it's not an all-win for some good players at all times, though. By some strange luck, new or bad poker players will sometimes win over good ones. But good ones ought to know how to handle a lost game against a novice player. This is where maturity comes in to make our poker play a truly profitable one.

There are certain situations when a bad player would do a silly move and affect our play and we lose. Like for instance, in a low-limit, with pocket aces we get a set on the flop, but only to be ruined by a straight when a novice player coldly called a raise with an unsuited 2 and 5. Okay, so we lost. But we'll really lose overall if we tilt and quarrel with the bad player for doing a foolish move.

Bad players are virtually donors in poker games. They want to learn from real pros like us in live poker games so they try out and risk a lot of money. They believe that the only way to learn is to experience live betting risks. When we spot players like this at our table, we should know better than fight them and scare or shoo them off. They provide easy funds for our pot.

Sure, their bad play may ruin our play sometimes, even cost us some, but it won't happen several times in a row if we're real pros. Get beat several times in a row? If that happens and there are bad players around, it only proves we're as bad a player as these ones we're angry at. The best thing we can do is shut our mouth and play better. We must realize bad players are really heaven sent. They're there to keep us with potential pot sizes and pot odds.

Another way to deal with bad players is keep them happy. When they win a little (it's good to let them have that once or twice) appreciate them. Encourage them to stay and fill in the pot. With more of them at the table, the table becomes a gold mine and everybody's bound to play loose except us.

Bad players are excellent companions at the table if we want to win easy but hefty pots.