High Cards for Beating Bad Poker Players

Sometimes, the weak hands of bad poker players are comparatively better than most "good" hands that many players come up with in a game. In this sense, it is sometimes more challenging to play against bad players. And sometimes, this is why we're probably beat without knowing exactly why. So how do we deal with bad hands that win?

A weapon, they say, against freak odds of bad hands beating us is a tight play. If we are choosy about our playing hands—selecting only sting ones like an ace and a king, or an ace and a queen. Another good choice, they say, is a high pairs. But these advices are often more dangerous to do when we're up against bad players. It is more preferable to change our scope of starting hands and add those that also have winning edges. One direction is to go for high cards than drawing hands.

We go on playing with strong hands, except that hands such as suited Q10 and suited 77 are to be folded in this situation. On the other hand, an unsuited A10 and an unsuited KJ become our preference in this case. These hands, under ordinary circumstances, are the ones strong players avoid especially from an early position and they're trying to come up with a tight play. But with bad poker players present at the table, we are better off playing these hands.

So watch out for best playing hands which is said to produce more in the pot for us eventually than with basic strategy. With fewer hands played (which is a strong strategy under normal circumstances) we decrease our volume. That's not going to help us against a bad player. Also, too many raising hands tend to have a weaker edge against live poker players in a real play.

With the popular advice to play tightly, this would only delimit our plays to one per 70 played hands. These are powerfully edged hands like pairs of queens, kings, or aces. It's a long shot trying to have more than 7 sessions of blinds per hand won—that is, if we win them all. And what more if other players notice that we haven't come up with a real hand they can reckon with yet for about 2 hours? They're not bound to let us have any piece of the action.

Sometimes, bad poker players ought to be given more attention in our play strategy. The least suspect may be the major threat unknown to us.