Good Strategies Against Poor Poker Players

Are good strategies necessary for playing against poor poker players? Can we not just take it easy and play with any hand available to us?

Against poor or strong opponents we have to have a winning strategy. Remember that even poor players have access to luck, and at times they can get luckier than us. Against a lousy play, luck can sometimes be stronger. If poor players cannot beat us, they might get in the way of us beating other strong players at the table.

One of the best antidotes to poor playing by others at the table is to play tight. How do we know if we are or are not playing tightly? The flop can give us an idea. Seeing the flop more often than 25 percent may mean we've been playing loosely. If we use 25 percent of the hands we may possibly play we also play loosely. If we select strong hands and play them well, we play tightly. Remember to add the option for strong drawing hands and to watch our playing position.

Free cards are also part of good strategy against bad poker players. Most bad players are checkers to strong hands. When the flop shows K,T,4 rainbow and we're on the button with Q and J, the pot was not yet raised previous to the flop, the early player bets and two players call—we should raise here.

Poor players would probably call and check to us regardless of the hit card on the turn. Should the turn be useless to us we may check and peek at the river. Now, let's say we have a worse scenario by folding to poor poker players because we missed on the river. At least the losses are mere high bets of 1.5 to pursue the draw with. The aggressive play here saved us lots of losses.

A last strategy against poor players is to play tight at limit versions of hi-lo Omaha. The tightness of limit holdem may be too monotonous for us. We can grow a hefty bankroll with Omaha where a lot of poker fish—loose and weak players—are on the loose. The main thing about Omaha is to select hands with top cards that could also beat others in low hand. Just maintain a hand that is flexible to win all pots, you're a strong player to beat bad ones.

We need good strategies even if we're against mere poor poker players.