Bad Poker Players' Strategies

The last thing we want is putting all our energies to our poker plays only to find out later that other players see us as a bad poker player. Thus, let's see what bad players' strategies look like.

Doing our best doesn't always mean we're playing good. A lot of players are good and persistent callers even if their hand strength is perfect for raises. Yet, they play their very best at it. They really strive hard to play according to the rules but know little about basic strategies.

Many of them, all they they know about strategies are what they see in poker tournaments on TV. Poker education purely via TV is sure to result to bad players' strategies.

The impression we would get from TV poker is that mere bluffing and raising will make us win at poker. Poor poker strategies from poor poker sources will have us end up being poker maniacs or a timid type. Poker tournaments are good to watch but there are a lot of unexplained moves done by players which, if we merely imitate them without in depth study, would only make us weak players.

If all maniacs do is bluff and raise like crazy, timid players just want to stay in the game, trying this hand and that, and do not know the timing to raise or fold. They just go on remaining in the game donating huge sums to the pot. What they should know about in particular is that basic strategies other than basic rules should be incorporated in their play.

One of the most important strategies is the starting hand tactic pre-flop. If we just play any hand pre-flop, chances are we are one of the bad players. But if we know the basics of selecting per-flop hands and playing strong starting hands well to the end, we belong to the good players.

Calculating pot odds is another basic strategy we must know to be good players. Each move and decision we make at the table should be in relation to our odds of getting the pot. We play to take the pot, not to just reduce our losses. Poor players just adjust their play to lessen losing cost.

Finally, If we don't know how to use the community board and exploit it to our advantage, we may be bad players, never knowing our chances pre-flop, on the flop, and post flop.

If we lack even these three basic strategies, we're surely one of the bad poker players.