Adjusting Strategy with Weak Poker Players

Is there a need to adjust our strategy when we're playing with weak poker players? There is always a need for strategy adjustment, whether we're against weak or strong poker players.

Even if the table is crowded with bad or poor poker players, we need to adjust our play strategy. The same with playing against strong opponents. We cannot expect all weak players to play similarly anywhere we are. And we also cannot expect weak players at a table to play the same throughout the games. No matter how weak they are, they may be able to catch up somewhat with our play. And if we're not careful and just carelessly play because we're stooping to their level, we might slip a little and suffer big embarrassments.

Most weak players are there to learn. But we don't want them to learn while we win cheap. We make them pay well for the lessons they learn from us. Thus, the lessons we give them are based on the adjustments we make on our plays. Sometimes we let them feel the experience of getting better hands and improving play strategies. We may make more calls and fewer raises.

This fires up their interest and excitement. Let them raise all they want. Sometimes, we even make them win. Making all these happen, we need to adjust our play. These keep them in the game, raising bets and making the pot profitable for us. The last thing we ought to do is tighten our play and scare them off.

But this is not to say that we play carelessly and too loosely because these are mere weak poker players that we're up against. Beneath the veneer of a loose play should be a concealed spirit of aggression, especially when we're playing from an early position with high pairs. Bear in mind that pocket aces are strong in small fields but will barely do when there are many callers and we're an early player.

Most times, with strong hands, we bet strong, too, to withstand the pool of callers. First-timers should pay more, and should see less of free cards. Actually, we help them this way. They will learn fast as they pay dearly. From late position we should try playing more hand connectors. Drawing hands gain more worth with players in the pot. Connectors let us see more flops and gain more accurate odds. If we hit, the pots come rich.

Thus, remember to adjust properly with weak poker players.