The Logic of Beating Bad Poker Players

Bad poker players are often taken for granted in poker games. They are often seen as donors making contributions for a hefty pot. But actually, they deserve more attention than that.

True enough, bad players can help us build a nice pot to take. There are lots of poker losers hanging around land-based tables and online sites just looking for poker fun and entertainment. We can easily trace them online with poker software programs and by online features like a buddy list.

Most of the time, the little they know of poker is what they gather from watching poker tournaments on TV. They want to experiment with the raising and bluffing styles they see on TV by applying them in casino or online games. They want to learn. But we ought not to make their education cheap or free. Being part of the game, we help them learn by making them pay well. Thus, it is wise to make them enjoy the table while playing to make them stay longer. We need more of them at the table if what we want from poker is a big take-home pot.

But don't get this wrong. Bad poker players are players to reckon with at times. They may not win much but sometimes their bad plays can affect our plays and even mess them up altogether. Sometimes, they can even have the best hand and actually win against us. This is because most good players are not aware of bad players' play and hand preferences that sometimes tend to collide with strong hands and plays in regular games.

We must understand that playing with bad players sometimes means having a unique play situation in poker. Most strong hands and play strategies in regular poker games cannot work in irregular games where there are bad players involved. We have to adjust strategy and know what common hand and play behaviors common bad players have. They tend to make patterns that damage regular good plays by strong players. But when we understand and analysis correctly these patterns, we can see what poker hands work against them successfully.

Bad players have a way of making the game more exciting and profitable, so let's make full sue of them while they may be found. It's always wise to look for them and play where they play at. Once in while we have rounds with poker sharks for skills honing, but if it's profits we want, we play more often with bad poker players.

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